The Lord's Table Church

Verse By Verse, Book by Book, Chapter by Chapter
 Feasting on the whole counsel of God's Word
 James 5:16 and Eccl.4:9,10

Fun Loving Place of Worship

We love our Church!

We love our Church, "should be the feeling of every person who attends their place of Worship". Why do I love my church you might ask? Well, I really like the fact that it is Verse by Verse.  Here are just a sample of what people are saying about

"The Lord's Table".

*I have really wanted to learn the bible but just have trouble on my own. I like the verse by verse because I really get to understand the history behind the story and what is exactly going on, in this place in time.

*Oh I love the way the pastor sticks to the scriptures and explains it, bringing a message out of the word that is being read. You can't say it's not a biblical church, when it's mostly bible!

* I'm used to the verse by verse because when I was in California I attended Calvary Chapel which is verse by verse. I knew this is where God wanted me to be.

* I am getting closer to God by knowing his word in a different way than in a normal church service. I always heard the usual stories of the bible but never seemed to get to the deeper issues. I just can appreciate this way of teaching and also it's not like she never preaches a sermon, she does once a month preach what God has given her and pastor Bruce also preaches topical once in awhile. I am just really loving it and thank God I was led here.

* I am learning so much, where I was in my old church for years and never learned as much as I have learned here. The service is different and took me a little while to get used to but now I really like it. God is growing me in so many areas of my life.

* Having coffee before service was different and some of the people took coffee back to their seats, which I have to say bothered me at first. I come from a very strict place of worship and well that kind of thing just wasn't allowed. I didn't know how to feel about it, until I really learned that the sanctuary is our heart. The altar now is our heart. Really everything is about our heart attitude, I never knew that before, I don't think I really understood what a heart full of  love was! judgement for others was replaced with love.

  This is just a few things I have heard people say over the last year and I have to tell you, it brings joy to my ears to know that people are really learning and growing in the Lord. I know that God is leading us and I know He will continue to grow us. As long as we follow Him step by step we will be brought to the promise of where He wants us to be. Amen.

Check out the other links and you will find there are a few different ways to worship with us. there are plenty of bible studies, video and text wise. We are mostly a verse by verse fellowship of people devoted to the Word of God. We believe that the word of God is to be studied completely front to back. Alpha and omega beginning and end.

We are non-denominational and have both contemporary and traditional hymnal music. We do, believe that the gifts are in operation today and that Jesus gave us these gifts of the spirit in the New Testament, there for they have not been done away with as so many others teach. We do not focus on the gifts but our main devotion is to the word of God and we believe the best gift to be love.

There for every gift used must be used out of love for the edifying (encouraging) of the brothern.

 Come worship with us on Sunday morning at 10:30 or Wednesday evening at 6:30pm